E-Commerce on DeFi


CC Token is the native currency for the CryptoCart platform, offering several benefits to holders & spenders alike


Discounts for wallets holding CC Token will include cheaper shipping and a set percentage off of promotional products at any given time.


When transacting in CC Token, a percentage of the purchase value can be earned back as yield on your CC Token balance.


Earn points for spending CC Token on CryptoCart. Points can later be redeemed for NFTs that can be applied to specific products or promotions.

Loyalty Scheme

The NFT vouchers earned through the points scheme can be burned in exchange for the equivalent CC Token yield minus a percentage.

CryptoCart Whitepaper

In recent years, cryptocurrency adoption has seen unprecedented traction with the total cryptocurrency market capitalisation reaching into the multi-trillion dollar range.

Whilst these upcoming and unregulated markets are expanding at such an incredible rate, the excitement for investors and early adopters can somewhat be overshadowed by a common threat.

Find out how CryptoCart aims to overcome common problems faced by enthusiasts in our Whitepaper.


CryptoCart aims to become a leading global e-commerce upon DeFi ecosystem.


The CryptoCart public sale will commence on 24th April 2021 at 12:00 UTC.

The public sale will be held on Unicrypt’s ILO platform and offer early investors a 10% discount when purchasing CC Tokens prior to Uniswap listing.

Hard Cap – 150 ETH
Soft Cap – 100 ETH

70% of ETH raised in the public sale will be provided to Uniswap Liquidity and locked for 6 months automatically using Unicrypt’s ILO platform.

In the interest of creating and preserving a decentralized liquidity pool, a maximum 5 ETH buy restriction per wallet will be applied.

See the CryptoCart whitepaper for more information on allocation ratios, liquidity locks, and vesting schedules.


CC Token is a fixed supply token with deflationary capabilities built into the smart contract.

Total Fixed Supply



80,000 - Vested

Public Sale





55,000 - Vested

Rewards Pool

250,000 - Locked

Uniswap Liquidity

232,000 - Locked