CryptoCart is a digital marketplace where consumers can spend cryptocurrencies on real-world goods in an affordable way and with worldwide shipping, whilst offering a comprehensive rewards system that incentivizes users to conduct business on the platform using the native CC Token. Within two weeks of launching, CryptoCart has seen incredible adoption and we are now the centrepiece of a bustling community full of incredibly supportive individuals.

Many people have asked, and want to know what sets CryptoCart apart from the existing offerings, and so we compiled them for you here:

Right, lets move onto the juicy Marketplace updates we have been teasing you about for a while. This update will include the CryptoCart MarketplaceCryptoCart Gift Card Store, and the CryptoCart Vault.

Upon the much anticipated CryptoCart Launch, we will launching two stores to start with. These will be Amazon, and the CryptoCart Gift Card Store. We’ll start by breaking them down separately, then explain the CryptoCart Vault.

CryptoCart GiftCard Store

The CryptoCart GiftCard Store will provide a catalogue of gift cards that can be purchased using crypto worldwide. CryptoCart will offer over 1000 unique gift vouchers, in over 170 countries world wide including some very popular businesses such as:

  • Apple
  • eBay
  • Uber
  • Google Play
  • AirBNB
  • Uber Eats
  • PlayStation Store
  • Xbox
  • Netflix and much, much more.

There will be no account necessary to purchase any e-gift cards from the CryptoCart Marketplace. Purchasing e-gift cards has never been easier. The whole process will take less then a couple of minutes. It will include selecting the e-gift card, choosing the value, and checking out.

Once payment is confirmed on the blockchain, the process of receiving your e-gift card will normally take less than a few minutes to be delivered via email. All giftcards will be delivered digitally to the email address submitted at checkout. Some cryptocurrencies may require more network confirmations before payment is accepted and your order is delivered.

Below are some screenshots of the e-gift card store development that we would like to share with the CryptoCart community!

Above vendors are used as placeholders, Landing Page
Specific gift card purchase page — Home / Giftcards / Foods / JustEat

All images of the e-gift cards are temporary, and used as placeholders for design purposes.

The headers on the e-gift card store will be changed from the “Amazon” to “Gift Card Store”.

CryptoCart Amazon Store

As you’re all aware, we will be integrating the Amazon API to the CryptoCart Marketplace, and becoming a direct affiliate. What this means is that users can purchase items from Amazon directly from the CryptoCart Marketplace and checkout using cryptocurrency. Consumers will not need to worry about disposal of crypto into fiat, about exchange rates and other complicated steps, we do that all for you.

For every purchase made on the Marketplace, CryptoCart will receive commission on both the gift card store, and Amazon side of things. This will go into the CryptoCart Vault which we will touch on later. Please note, the commission is paid directly from Amazon and the consumer does not incur any additional costs.

Below are some recent Amazon Store designs on the CryptoCart Marketplace!

Header is still Prototype 1, and subject to changes.

Header — Transitioning Images highlighting different product groups available on this platform

Selected Categories — Direct to Category Landing Page

Trending Purchases — Direct to Product Information

Gift Cards — Direct to GiftCard Landing Page

Primary navigation Listing Departments Sign in option if not already signed
Sub category navigation
Department Landing Page

Home / Computers — Featured gift cards, related to category > Direct link to product page. Each product listing and landing page to include related gift cards.

Home / Computers / Computer and Tablets — Featured brand category filtering Featured gift cards, related to category > Direct link to product page. Each product listing and landing page to include related gift cards

As you are all aware, work has been out-sourced where possible to professionals we have worked with prior in our professional careers. Our design and development team specialise in UX & UI hence the high quality of work. All designs above are not complete, and are subject to change but we wanted to give the community an update as to where we are with development!. It is our goal to truly bridge the gap between decentralised finance and e-commerce like never seen before in crypto.

CryptoCart Vault

For a majority of our community, the CryptoCart Vault will be one of the most exciting announcements in this article. On both the CryptoCart Marketplace and Crypto E-Gift Card Store, CryptoCart will be directly receiving commission on every purchase made with no mark up price to the consumer.

Now, for the exciting bit.

All commission raised from both stores will be used to spot buy $CC from the market and be stored in the “CryptoCart Vault”. These tokens will be stored as a reserve, and left untouched. Essentially, every purchase made on CryptoCart will positively impact the price of the token.

This will directly benefit all holders and supporters of CryptoCart, due to the continuous rise in price floor. The purchases of $CC from the market will be at random times to avoid any market manipulation. All purchases will be shared publicly.

So, lets break down the commission.

From all purchases on Amazon, CryptoCart will receive commission anywhere between 1–12% on every purchase.

Associate Commission

From all purchases on the e-giftcard store, CryptoCart will receive 1%.

So, how impactful would this really be on the price for CryptoCart?

If we clear $10,000,000 in purchases across all stores, commission received will be anywhere between $10,000 to $120,000 used to spot buy $CC.

If we clear $50,000,000 in purchases across all stores, commission received will be anywhere between $50,000 to $600,000 used to spot buy $CC.

If we clear $100,000,000 in purchases across all stores, commission received will be anywhere between $100,000 to $1,200,000.

How will we achieve this?

At CryptoCart, we are exploring all avenues in ways to market what we are building, and get as many eyes as possible on the Marketplace to drive purchasing behaviour. As outlined before below are some of the few ways:

SEO Ranking — Our SEO efforts will be targeted towards our main-net release as opposed to ranking our original website where you can find all of the current information targeted towards investors leading up to our Public Sale and post-launch. This is because as per our analysis, it is much more important and beneficial for SEO to take place on the marketplace to bring consumers to the platform than it is to bring investors to our current homepage. With that in mind, we have planned and commissioned the following packages over the course of our continued SEO ranking efforts.

Public Relations Campaign — We have allocated a budget of $83,000 over six months to a world-leading public relations company whom will be running campaigns covering the CryptoCart project in it’s totality over a broad spectrum of both mainstream and niche publications worldwide. The necessity of running such a powerful campaign is that CryptoCart will have a leading edge in audience capture and this will help us to realize our long-term vision of introducing DeFi to traditional E-Commerce audiences and create a vehicle for retail adoption.

Most marketing campaigns undertaken by ERC20 projects are limited in scope, typically focusing heavily on social media and do not involve employing serious media attention with real professionals. We plan to capture this valuable resource and our community will see articles written in some of the most respectable and difficult-to-obtain columns.

Marketing — Before getting started on our marketing strategy, we would like to state that nothing is off the table. Any avenue that promises a proven return on investment to holders of CC token will be explored. At present, we have some of the most well-known and respected Twitter influencers on Crypto Twitter covering our updates and highlighting ongoing developments as they are released. We have also hired Instagram influencers to cover CryptoCart on a monthly basis.

We are currently in talks with the the a top crypto agency which specializes in helping crypto and blockchain projects explode with growth. They work with influencers such as:

Ivan on Teach, Bitboy Crypto, BoxMining, Lark Davis, Chico Crypto, Sheldon Evans, CryptoWendy and much, much more.

This is just the beginning. We understand the importance of marketing and why it needs to be executed well. Building the CryptoCart platform and ensuring it is robust, safe, and meets all purposes outlined in our whitepaper is our utmost priority. However, we also understand the importance of retaining the support of well respected community figures who will further instill trust in the project and help us to build and grow our community. The more exposure CryptoCart gains, the better our chance of becoming an established brand in the crypto e-commerce space.

We are currently exploring some of the following avenues:

  • Community AMAs
  • DexTools Sponsors
  • Coingecko advertisements
  • Top YouTuber coverage
  • More Twitter Influencers
  • TikTokers
  • Heavy-traffic crypto blogs (As part of our PR effort outlined above)

We have the budget to carry out all of the above and want to ensure funds are spent in a responsible way to continue to grow our community and further fund development. This will be key for us leading up to main-net launch where a larger community can guide us with a greater sample size of feedback through our test-net and design phases.


CryptoCart’s main goal is to truly bridge the gap between decentralised finance and e-commerce, and make it accessible globally for all.

We at CryptoCart plan to work with, and not against, the current market offerings and build on what we see as a few ‘gaps in the market’ by improving the systems and offerings we have seen and experienced. With our decades of combined e-commerce experience, and contacts within the industry, we will approach this mission inclusively and build on what has already been created as a solid foundation by other equals in the space.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and be sure to check out our social links!

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