Our core team at CryptoCart have had a very busy first week post-launch and would like to share with you some more of the specifics of what has been going on behind the scenes so far. We have split this progress report into key areas that we have focused on and will explain the direction we intend to take in each key area to give you an insight into the more detailed roadmap of day-to-day objectives, goals, and generally the meetings that have taken place and budget that has been allocated to each aspect of the project and why it is important that we succeed in these areas.

Public Relations Campaign

We have allocated a budget of $83,000 over six months to a world-leading public relations company whom will be running campaigns covering the CryptoCart project in it’s totality over a broad spectrum of both mainstream and niche publications worldwide. The necessity of running such a powerful campaign is that CryptoCart will have a leading edge in audience capture and this will help us to realize our long-term vision of introducing DeFi to traditional E-Commerce audiences and create a vehicle for retail adoption.

Most marketing campaigns undertaken by ERC20 projects are limited in scope, typically focusing heavily on social media and do not involve employing serious media attention with real professionals. We plan to capture this valuable resource and our community will see articles written in some of the most respectable and difficult-to-obtain columns.

Our core team will be regularly holding meetings and interviews with our PR research teams to deliver the following —

  • One large campaign per month (we write the press release, we do the desk research, asset creation when required, and targeted media outreach).
  • Unlimited reactive opportunities — whatever is relevant to your brand, whenever it happens.
  • Link guarantee! Our goal is 120 back-links over the 12 months of your contract* (10 back-links per month minimum). If we do not meet this goal, we will supplement this with an extra campaign.
  • Large bi-monthly campaigns (we write the press release, we do the desk or third-party survey research, asset creation and targeted media outreach).
  • Reactive opportunities — unlimited opportunities presented to you and actioned by us.
  • Proactive opportunities — we pitch out smaller weekly campaigns between the larger campaigns.
  • Link guarantee! At least 200 pieces of coverage over 12 months (approx. 16 backlinks/pieces of coverage per month). If not, we will close the gap with an extra campaign to get the goal coverage.

Design Team & Preview

We have had our first prototype designs back from our design team and would like to offer the first sneak preview below. Please note this is the first example and is entirely subject to change. We have already had a wealth of constructive feedback from the community about simplifying some aspects and cleaning up the design to make it easier on the eyes, and other semantics that we have already taken back to our designers so that they can bring forward another prototype.

We aim to roll out continuous updates on design up to our test-net phase and will be utilizing continuous community feedback to better the design before main-net implementation. We would also like to note, these are not the only design prototypes we have received and more will be shared in upcoming reports.


Before getting started on our marketing strategy, we would like to state that nothing is off the table. Any avenue that promises a proven return on investment to holders of CC token will be explored. At present, we have some of the most well-known and respected Twitter influencers on Crypto Twitter covering our updates and highlighting ongoing developments as they are released. We have also hired an Instagram influencer with over 200k+ followers and 10 million engagements to cover CryptoCart on a monthly basis.

This is just the beginning. We understand the importance of marketing and why it needs to be executed well. Building the CryptoCart platform and ensuring it is robust, safe, and meets all purposes outlined in our whitepaper is our utmost priority. However, we also understand the importance of retaining the support of well respected community figures who will further instill trust in the project and help us to build and grow our community. The more exposure CryptoCart gains, the better our chance of becoming an established brand in the crypto e-commerce space.

  • We are currently exploring some of the following avenues:
  • Community AMAs
  • DexTools Sponsors
  • Coingecko advertisements
  • Top YouTuber coverage
  • More Twitter Influencers
  • TikTokers
  • Heavy-traffic crypto blogs (As part of our PR effort outlined above)

We have the budget to carry out all of the above and want to ensure funds aret spent in a responsible way to continue to grow our community and further fund development. This will be key for us leading up to main-net launch where a larger community can guide us with a greater sample size of feedback through our test-net and design phases.