After just three days post-launch CryptoCart has seen incredible adoption and we are now the centerpiece of a bustling community full of incredibly supportive individuals. For that reason, we felt that we would share our mission and ethos with you along the journey and divulge some more information about our commitments to crypto e-commerce.

We at CryptoCart plan to work with, and not against, the current market offerings and build on what we see as a few ‘gaps in the market’ by improving the systems and offerings we have seen and experienced. With our decades of combined e-commerce experience, and contacts within the industry, our idea is to approach this mission inclusively and build on what has already been created as a solid foundation by other equals in the space. The more we work together, the more we can innovate E-commerce on DeFi.

So why choose CryptoCart?

A great question that we have seen pop up that we were originally going to address in our FAQs, but we thought it deserved it’s own graphic. Many want to know what sets CryptoCart apart from the existing offerings, and so we compiled them for you here.

How does CryptoCart plan to achieve its goals?

Many have raised another important query as to how our team of three will manage to deliver a main-net product by July. The simple answer is that our resources extend beyond our core team of three.

With extensive experience in our own fields and subsequently a host of contacts that we have called upon for assistance, we are curating our main-net with the resources of two top overseas VAT registered companies based in the UK who, combined, will provide PR, SEO, UX/UI design and development resources that our lead developer and two e-commerce core team members can utilize, drastically cutting down workload and improving efficiency

With the added benefit of tremendous support from our growing community and a budget that met (and in fact exceeded) our expectations, we are confident that we can deliver main-net on time.

Who are CryptoCart’s connections?

We are under no illusion that you are curious about the companies and connections we are working with to build CryptoCart. However, for non-disclosure and legal reasons, as well as the implications of conflict-of-interest for both parties, we must keep our corporate advisors and consultants anonymous for the time-being, even if the CryptoCart core team eventually opts to go public. This is necessary for the success of the project and for the provision of ongoing resources.

In regards to investor safety, we would like to reiterate our safety measures and point you over to our FAQs, where you can learn more about the measures we have taken to secure investors.

On a final note, we thank you for the continued support, and we are excited to innovate in this space with you all.