Crypto Cart community, the time has come.

With the launch of our main-net today, I feel it is important to highlight some key facts about the Gift Card Store, the Marketplace, and the future of CryptoCart moving forward. We would like to outright state that we feel that the launch of main-net is just the beginning. In under two months we have already achieved so much as a community and the development of main-net is a first step in the direction we want to take with the future vision of CryptoCart, which is far more expansive from here on outwards. I digress, there is a lot to cover about what is to come post main-net, so let’s just jump into it.

CryptoCart Marketplace

Firstly, we as a team are proud to announce that the CryptoCart Marketplace is now fully live with all major bugs rectified. We are very proud of the outcome and how quickly our dedicated team have managed to turn around the initial designs into a fully functional and working E-Commerce platform.

In terms of UX, UI and ease-of-use, we feel that our product has not yet been matched in quality of workflow and simplicity for the end-user. To begin with, we have currently imported over 2000+ products, however product addition will be a continuous process going forward and so we expect to expand this much further over time, allowing us to populate our menus and categories with more product offerings. Whilst going through the Marketplace, if you cannot find what you are after, please reach out to [email protected] and we will take your request for a manual import of the product.

Once we are completely satisfied with the first rendition of the Amazon affiliate store, which is currently geographically a UK store, we will replicate main-net to incorporate other geographic locations. Our next Marketplace target is to support orders from the following countries:

  • USA
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Poland

Once the stores are implemented, we would like to re-iterate that development is certainly not hands-off and our team will be constantly working to update and improve them in any way possible to ensure that we stay at the peak of a good e-commerce experience for the end-user. Additionally, we will be working on various post main-net objectives as outlined in our roadmap. As always, we are always welcome to any suggestions, and all feedback can be sent directly to [email protected]

CryptoCart Gift Card Store

We are also equally proud to announce that the CryptoCart Gift Card Store is also live! Upon launch, we will be offering over 1700+ gift cards to all geographical regions in the world. Purchases do not require any KYC. All that is required in order to receive your gift card and confirmation receipt is an email address.

Due to the time constraints for main-net delivery, we are under no illusion that there are some features that may need further patches and our first launch of main-net is not the final product. Although sufficient testing has been done, we feel that the best testing is with real users and an audit of the live system. Our developers will be constantly monitoring feedback and any bug reports will be handled in-line with improving the system and ensuring it is robust moving forward. Our main goal was to stick to our promised time-frames and deliver on our commitments so that our community could begin browsing gift-cards and paying for them with cryptocurrencies as early as possible. Additionally, we have tested the payment processor continuously and have improved it to a point where we now feel confident that it is up to the standard required to deliver main-net.

Whilst on the topic of the CryptoCart Gift Card Store, I would like to make a checklist to share with the community of developments we will be working on in a priority order:

1. Our number one priority is to automate the back-end and have the whole process hands-off. Until we achieve this, all orders will be manually processed by the team on a daily basis. We plan to process orders between 8AM — 8PM UTC.

All orders before or after this time may be subject to a wait time so please bear this in mind before placing an out-of-hours order. Rest assured, we have a dedicated team working to have all orders fulfilled whilst our developers are already in the process of creating the automation.

2. Additionally, we are aiming to implement a live-chat system at check-out, so that if you encounter any concerns with payment, you can directly contact a team member through the website to handle your query. Until this is implemented, you can raise any queries by contacting either @FelixCCAdmin or @LeonCCAdmin on Telegram.

DISCLAIMER: Please always be absolutely certain of who you are talking to and please never give any personal details or payment information other than public transaction hashes that are publicly visible on the blockchain and, if required, the email address associated with the purchase. You must never disclose any private keys, bank details, or identifying information under any circumstances to anyone and we will never ask for this information from you.

3. Finally, as our third priority in this short list of features we are working on, we would like to improve quality of automated customer emails. At present, due to manual order fulfilment, we may not have a completely uniform set of graphics and niceties to make fulfilment emails pretty. However, this is something we will complete in due course. Rest assured that you will still receive your gift card codes and all other associated information with your order by email, it may just not yet have the fancy HTML artwork we first envisioned until a little bit later into development.

On a final note before we move onto the future of CryptoCart, we would just like to state that we are very happy to have built both platforms to the specifications that they are currently held to. However, as we have not yet undertaken an audit of the platforms, we are obliged to give the disclaimer that your funds are at risk until the audits have been fully completed and any rectifications/suggestions have been implemented.

The future of CryptoCart

We have briefly touched upon and teased ideas of what is next in the roadmap for CryptoCart, and once our team are fully satisfied with all final patches and implementations, we will begin working on the future plans bullet pointed below.

  • As mentioned above, we will offer the Amazon API globally to all geographic locations listed
  • Multi-network bridge, allowing the CC token to be traded across multiple blockchains
  • Launch our staking dApp
  • Open additional stores. Our goal is to offer any product or service globally, to allow payment from your favourite DeFi products, and without the requirement to KYC. We have hinted at a few stores we are interested in looking into building prior, which include an automobile marketplace, luxury holiday packages, a real-estate marketplace, and more.
  • On-board partners to the ecosystem to drive marketing and PR. This will greatly help in our goal of creating crypto adoption. As stated before, we have had an incredible level of interest from some DeFi giants and will be following up on a lot of talks now that we are live and can effectively showcase our main-net product.

Message from the team

On a personal note, we would like to thank each and every one of our community members and advisors for their support shown so far. None of this would have been possible without the continuous support and backing from everyone in the chat and beyond. We will continue building, developing and expanding our contribution to crypto e-commerce until everyone has heard of Crypto Cart, until we become a household name, and until everyone wants a piece of what we can offer. This is just the beginning!